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Molly Quinn Net Worth: A Closer Look at Her Success


Molly Quinn, the talented Canadian actress, has gained significant recognition in the entertainment industry. With her impressive net worth of $4 million, Molly Quinn has become a prominent figure among actors. In this article, we delve into her journey to success, her notable films and television series, as well as her personal life.

Early Life and Training

Molly Parker was born on June 30, 1972, in Maple Ridge, British Columbia, Canada. Growing up on a farm in Pitt Meadows, she developed a passion for the arts from an early age. At just three years old, Parker began training in ballet, and she even performed with the esteemed Royal Winnipeg Ballet Company. As a teenager, she discovered her acting skills and started participating in local productions. To hone her craft, Parker enrolled at the renowned Gastown Actors’ Studio in Vancouver.

Film Career: From Breakthrough to Success

Parker’s film career took off when she secured her breakthrough role in the 1996 film “Kissed,” where she portrayed a necrophiliac medical student. Her exceptional performance in this provocative drama earned her the Genie Award for Best Actress. Since then, Parker has made a name for herself in the industry, particularly in independent films. Some of her notable works include “Waking the Dead,” “The Center of the World,” “Pure,” “Nine Lives,” and “Madeline’s Madeline.” Television has also been a significant platform for Parker, with acclaimed series like “Deadwood,” “Dexter,” “House of Cards,” and “Wormwood” showcasing her talent.

Exploring Parker’s Filmography

Early Career

In 1993, Parker made her feature film debut in the direct-to-video teen comedy “Just One of the Girls.” Two years later, she appeared in the Western “Last of the Dogmen.” However, it was her role in “Kissed” that brought her critical acclaim. Throughout the late 1990s and early 2000s, Parker continued to impress audiences with her performances in films such as “Bliss,” “Under Heaven,” and “Wonderland.”

American Success

In 2000, Parker ventured into the American film industry, starring in the mystery drama “Waking the Dead” alongside Billy Crudup and Jennifer Connelly. She also made waves in the Canadian film scene with her role in “Suspicious River.” Parker received recognition for her work in the films “The War Bride” and “The Center of the World,” earning an Independent Spirit Award nomination for Best Female Lead. Her filmography expanded to include projects like “Last Wedding,” “Rare Birds,” and “Men with Brooms.”

A Diverse Portfolio

Parker’s career showcased her versatility, as she took on a range of roles in various genres. Notable films from this period include “Looking for Leonard,” “Marion Bridge,” and “Max.” She also starred opposite Keira Knightley in “Pure.” In 2004, Parker appeared in “The Good Shepherd” alongside Christian Slater and the historical drama “Iron Jawed Angels.” The following year, she joined the ensemble cast of the anthology drama “Nine Lives.”

Continued Success and Recent Works

Parker remained active in the film industry, with notable appearances in films like “The Wicker Man” (2006), “Hollywoodland” (2006), and “Who Loves the Sun” (2006). After a brief hiatus, she made a comeback in 2009 with a supporting role in the post-apocalyptic survival film “The Road.” Parker’s filmography continued to expand with projects like “Trigger” and “Oliver Sherman.” In recent years, she has been part of films such as “Small Crimes,” “1922,” “Madeline’s Madeline,” “Words on Bathroom Walls,” and “Jockey.” Notably, she joined the cast of Disney’s “Peter Pan & Wendy,” further solidifying her diverse acting abilities.

Television Career: From Small Screen Debuts to Acclaimed Roles

Parker’s television journey began in 1991 with appearances in the television film “My Son Johnny” and the Canadian series “Neon Rider.” Throughout the 1990s, she continued to secure roles in various television films, including “Falling from the Sky: Flight 174” and “Ebbie.” Parker gained recognition for her work in the miniseries “Titanic” and shows like “The Sentinel” and “Poltergeist: The Legacy.” In 1999, she starred in the short-lived Canadian sitcom “Twitch City.”

In 2002, Parker showcased her talent on the acclaimed HBO series “Six Feet Under,” playing Rabbi Ari in two episodes. Two years later, she landed her most significant role at the time, portraying Alma Garret on HBO’s “Deadwood.” The show garnered critical acclaim and ran for three seasons, with Parker’s performance standing out. She later appeared on the short-lived CBS drama “Swingtown” and the Canadian police procedural “Shattered.” In 2011, Parker joined the cast of the Showtime crime drama series “Dexter” in a recurring role.

Parker’s television credits further expanded with projects like the television film “Hemingway & Gellhorn” (2012) and the short-lived legal thriller series “The Firm” (2012). From 2014 to 2016, she portrayed congresswoman Jackie Sharp on the Netflix series “House of Cards,” earning widespread praise for her performance. Parker has continued to impress with roles in series such as “Goliath,” Errol Morris’s docuseries “Wormwood,” and the Netflix reboot of “Lost in Space.”

Personal Life

In 2002, Molly Parker married filmmaker Matt Bissonnette, who later directed her in the film “Who Loves the Sun.” The couple welcomed a son named William. However, they separated in 2009 and finalized their divorce in 2016.


Molly Quinn’s net worth of $4 million reflects her tremendous success in the entertainment industry. From her breakthrough role in “Kissed” to her diverse filmography and acclaimed television performances, Parker has established herself as a highly talented and versatile actress. As she continues to take on challenging roles, audiences eagerly anticipate her future projects and the captivating performances she will undoubtedly deliver.